Waste to Gold

Sustainability at Our Core

Our vision is to be a fully integrated global leader in the bioenergy space.

Our mission is to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate the growth of green energy.
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We protect the environment.

The wastes we collect are recycled and used as feedstocks for the production of biodiesel and renewable diesel. They have significant carbon saving potential being alternatives to petroleum-based diesel.
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We create awareness.

We collaborate with local communities and collect wastes from their restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturers. The process raises public awareness on the drastic consequences of improper waste management.
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We unite the industry.

We unite professional waste collectors to strengthen the best practice of waste collection, protect industrial interests and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.
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Offices and Branches

Head Office
  1. Singapore
Branch Offices
  1. China
  2. Indonesia
  3. Japan
  4. Malaysia
  5. Philippines
  6. Thailand
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Vietnam
  9. Cambodia

Sustainability at Our Core

In the midst of the world's transition towards low carbon fuels, there is an unquenchable demand for renewable feedstocks for biodiesel. UCO is an important resource as it is one of the cleanest biofuel feedstocks with the largest carbon savings to meet government biofuel mandates.

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