About Us

Leading Global Player in Bioenergy

Apeiron Bioenergy is a leading integrated global player in the entire chain of bioenergy products from feedstock to the end and by-products.

Our global operations stem from our extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain improvement, risk management, and client-focused distribution to create a valuable and profitable environment for our suppliers and customers.

Why Recycle Used Cooking Oil?

Did you know switching from petroleum diesel to renewable diesel made of UCO results in more than 83% lower greenhouse gas emissions?

By recycling UCO, you are contributing towards greenhouse gas savings and helping to preserve our earth through your sustainability effort.
The incorrect disposal of UCO severely clogs the sewage system.

San Francisco alone spends $3.5 million annually to unclog sewers filled with fats, oils, and grease!


Detailed planning from our country teams with the local community
Collect and deliver to our collection and processing facilities
Rest, filter, and heat to separate water, residue, and oil
Deliver to central storage tanks and more heat treatment
Export to biodiesel refineries through bulk vessels

Our Refinery


Founded in 2007 with 16 years of operational and financial track record.
We have delivered more than 600 million litres of UCO since 2017.
The market leader in key export markets in Asia.