Sustainability at Our Core

We collect wastes with the mission of protecting the environment, creating awareness, and representing the interests of the bioenergy industry.
We implement rigorous ecological and social sustainability criteria in our supply chain management process. This process is audited regularly and our products are certified with sustainability standards such as International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) .
Our business directly reduces the social costs of clogged sewage and reduced efficiency of wastewater treatment systems as a result of illegal disposal of used cooking oil.

Through collaborations with local households, restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, we create awareness and encourage the proper disposal of waste. At the same time, we create job opportunities for local economies through recycling activities.

Our Impact in Numbers


Litres of UCO supplied since 2017
The volume of 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Tonnes of carbon savings
The carbon absorbed by 70 million trees in a year.

UN Global Goals


Carbon savings
when you compare UCO-based vs petroleum diesel.