The Source of Sustainable Feedstocks

Fully integrated into the entire supply chain, we directly source and collect wastes in upstream projects and have the flexibility to use them in our downstream projects.

Our products include used cooking oil, palm oil mill effluent, used cooking oil methyl ester, crude glycerin, and other products.

Our Products

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
Used cooking oil (UCO) is the oil and fat that has been used for cooking. Raw UCO is first refined to meet certain commodity-grade standards before being used as feedstocks for biodiesel.
International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certified.
Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)
Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is oily wastewater from palm oil processing mills. The oil first needs to be separated from wastewater before it is discharged into waterways to prevent pollution.

We also produce Refined (POME) which has lower impurities, total metal and chlorides contents, and is used primarily as a feedstock to produce renewable diesel.

Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (UCOME)
Used cooking oil methyl ester (UCOME) is a type of biodiesel derived from esterification of waste cooking oil.

Other forms of biodiesel derived from other waste based feedstocks include palm oil mill effluent methyl ester (POMEME) and spent bleaching earth oil methyl ester (SBEOME).
Other Products
Tallow is animal fat used for the production of biodiesel. Crude glycerin is a by-product in the biodiesel manufacturing process used in the food and pharmaceutical sector.